Redefining Global Healthcare Delivery

We  develop, manage and fund high-quality, cost-effective healthcare facilities across the world

Medi Q Healthcare Group

We at Medi Q Healthcare Group are determined to make state-of-the-art healthcare affordable for people across the globe. Our experienced team of industry experts Specialises in developing and redeveloping world-class healthcare facilities, running hospital operations, reviving moribund hospitals, and procurement of equipment and consumables. Our team aims to achieve operational transformation while adhering to all national and international clinical and medical standards and practices.

patients treated by Medi Q in all our hospitals
person bed days. Succesfully managed quarantine and isolation
people screened daily through various centres manned by our team
Multi ethnic women doctors in medical masks and gloves walking in hospital and talking about diagnosis. Mixed-races females medics consulting and discussing illness. Covid-19 Nurses with tablet device

COVID Field Hospitals

We are among the first companies to partner with the UAE government in its fight against Covid-19. We specialise in Covid Field hospital infrastructure, Covid Clinical Operations & Management, Covid Research and Optimisation Protocols


Hospital Operations Management

We offer adaptive healthcare operations management consulting services. We create a detailed customized plan based on patients’ outlook, the internal organizational issues, the existing healthcare requirements, and help you deliver high-quality, patient-oriented, cost-effective healthcare service.


Hospital Infrastructure
and Design

Our experts plan, design and supervise medical facilities such as super speciality hospitals, single speciality hospitals, laboratories, dispensaries, dental hospitals, right from the layout until the completion of the construction and commencement of the operations.

Doctor consulting arab family at hospital

Healthcare Cost
Management Solutions

Cost escalation has emerged as a major challenge for the healthcare industry after COVID-19.   We help hospital and other healthcare facilities manage costs through scientific and innovation-driven solutions.

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