Medi Q Healthcare Group Founder honored for being amongst the most Influential Healthcare Leaders in the UAE

MediQ Healthcare Group Founder honored for being amongst the most Influential Healthcare Leaders in the UAE

  • Exceptional contribution to UAE’s fight against COVID-19 fetches him the honor
  • Recognised at Indo- Middle East Healthcare leadership Awards

April 11, 2021; Dubai, UAE: The Founder and Group CEO of MediQ Healthcare Group, Mr Bidhan Chowdhury, was recognised as one of the most influential healthcare leaders in the UAE at the Indo-Middle East Healthcare Leadership Awards held virtually yesterday.

“It’s a moment of pride not just for me but for the entire team of MediQ who has been working extremely hard to deliver best quality of care and executing every project with great finesse. The recognition comes in the wake of our significant contribution in UAE’s fight against the pandemic as we played a key role in setting up the field hospitals, screening and testing centers, establishing quarantine facilities as well as mobilizing the healthcare workforce in record time,” said Chowdhury,

The first field hospital was set up in Abu Dhabi within just 9 days mid last year. At that time, everybody, including the medical staff was in panic mode as the fear of the unknown gripped everyone. However, our leadership team counselled and motivated healthcare professionals, set highest quality standards and maintained the operations cost at 30-40% lesser than the peers. The government recognised our efficiency and lauded our efforts,” he added.  

According to him, in the post-Covid world, we need a healthcare model that is swift, sustainable, affordable —and one that serves as a bulwark of the economy. “The pandemic has proved how a global public health crisis can ruin the economy, leading to millions of job losses. I believe that innovations and efficient cost management is the key to developing such a model,” he said.     

Talking of the importance of the field hospitals in containing the pandemic, Chowdhury said, “ The field hospitals we built within weeks help reduce per-patient cost significantly and allows the regular hospitals to function undisrupted. A 100-200 bedded field hospital can be erected anywhere in any country in three to four weeks flat for quickly enhancing critical-care capacity—quite important at a time when the pandemic has overwhelmed some of the most efficient health systems across the world.” 

The Indo-Middle East Healthcare Leadership Awards felicitated the companies across India and the Middle East for their hard work and incredible achievements and honoured key individuals behind the organizations. The aim of the awards is also to empower and encourage companies to participate in conversation that sets new standards for best practices in healthcare.

About MediQ Healthcare Group

MediQ is a UAE-based global healthcare development company with a team of passionate professionals with years of industry experience, expertise and knowledge They closely work with governments, hospitals and other institutions –to provide long-term, cost-effective and sustainable solutions across domains in the complex and fast-moving healthcare industry.

MediQ has financed, planned, built and operated healthcare centres both in developed and developing countries, with cutting-edge innovation and are currently on a mission to accelerate the global fight against Covid-19 and help countries control the pandemic.

They were among the first companies in the UAE to partner with the government in a unique PHP Healthcare Project to help it effectively achieve key targets of National Covid-19 Infection Control.

Original article by UAE News 4U