Medi Q Healthcare Group Providing World Class Facilities in Healthcare Sector

Thinking about healthcare Group services, make sure to look no further than Medi Q Healthcare Group. We understand that healthcare services are extremely important especially at this time of pandemic that’s why we have well-equipped ourselves to serve you the best! In terms of up-to-date equipments to fight COVID 19 pandemic and other health-related issues with our top services.

Look at the unbelievable part; where Medi Q Healthcare Group came up with a specialized COVID-19 hospital with 200 beds, having an Intense care unit (ICU) in just 15 days! Now that’s the commitment we commit to. You deserve the best while we strive to give you the best!

Thinking about the cost in this globally trusted hospital. With the latest cost-efficient techniques which are scientifically proven to keep you up with the best treatment at an affordable price. We know how to treat with love and care, money grows in the scenario where families are united, sent healthy and smiling even without paying an extra penny! Yes! with our customized products and services, you (our consumers) hold the power to choose what to opt or omit. In simple terms, we don’t follow over charging, hidden charges techniques, or wasting resources by billing it like any other country hospital.

Our efficient team includes Mr. Bidhan Chowdhury (CEO) who has wide range of experience in health sectors, he handled in the past along with work ethics and core values that he believes in; our cost management experts like Ms. Latesh Sen (CFO), having 22 years of experience in cost management and strategy planning to serve the hospital in the best way! Along with them, we’ve a whole team of leaders to keep our hospital’s spine erect like Ms. Christie Scanlon (Director) who is a renowned cost management and planner; Mr. Ajay Bhatia (Chairman) who has a leadership quality of managing many businesses in India and UAE, where more than 2000 employees were working; Mr. Partha Banerjee (Co- Chairman) who with his valuable counseling keeps up the overall health of the management; Ms. Ankita Naidu (GM) has a wide range of experience in marketing projects specially in the healthcare industry.

Now, what more to look for? Our feasibility and research oriented projects. We just don’t follow or copy researchers who with their valuable findings lighten up our health sector, but also motivate our team of doctors and researchers to research on particular issue as in these days, COVID 19 to look for new solutions, efficient yet accessible to a common man. We are always on a lookout for new ways to further help mankind to remain healthy.

Medi Q Healthcare Group has the ability to bloom the dying hospitals and it ensures that your hospital achieves all the success and profitability in the coming years. Our experienced consultant creates best in class strategies with which any organization can achieve early return on investment. We help in creating brand name for the hospital, internationally. We also mentor and train organization’s staff with best practices for project management in healthcare.

Make sure to make the most of our personalized client consultant relationship where every client is given attention, and apt counseling to help him take right decision for his health. On our part we ensure to guide the client the best options available in the modern science to tackle issues that need immediate treatment.

In nutshell, you’ll have access to healthcare services, healthcare funding, healthcare costing, revenue cycle management and trust that’s Globally trusted by many!