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Healthcare funding

Funds are the most integral part of any organization to ensure the success of the business.

Keeping in view to providing the best healthcare financial management solutions we have a team of experts who have the expertise in various financial domains starting from financial planning, specialized financing (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae), helping in obtaining a competing loan and requesting financing packages.

Our Services

Our services for New or Existing Communities:

Development or Repositioning

For Projects under Development or Repositioning:
Lease to Purchase

Medi Q Healthcare Group contributes to negotiating lease-to-purchase and manage-to-purchase agreements. Our team will turn up the realistic budget to focus upon establishing the right valuation for an acceptable purchase price. This will help in creating better prospects while evaluating the property in terms of financing in case the acquisition loan offers are solicited.

Strategic Financing Plans for Partner Buy-Outs

Medi Q Healthcare Group has been conducive to negotiating partnership interests and developing financing plans as per the different parties. An effective debt financing through partnership depicts the financial capacity of any organization which can lead to partnership restructuring.

Transfer of Physical Assets (“TPA”)

Deciding to purchase a facility through HUD guaranteed financing we can assist you in the maneuvering of physical assets' approval which is required by HUD. HFC’s involvement generally provides a reasonable alternative to the exclusive use of legal counsel for the entire process.

Project Development Business Plan

We focus on activity-based accounting in projects which is an international scientific acknowledged technique that provides us the cost data for all activities and resource allocation. Though our financial strategy consulting revolves around activity-based accounting, this is not a cost-cutting measure however it leads to cost-saving i.e. direct impact on EBITDA.