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Bidhan Chowdhury

Bidhan Chowdhury


Bidhan Chowdhury

Man of enormous certainty and extraordinary vision. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Medi Q Healthcare Group. He has 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry with a commitment to serve the community in the area of healthcare. Prior to Medi Q healthcare, he had been associated with KCAP healthcare assets ( Trimex and Rescom group of industries) UAE, where he focused on creating cost-effective healthcare models for the Middle East, East Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and India which is also his native country. He is a MHA and post-graduate in Marketing with a proven track of performance especially in healthcare marketing and health tourism.

He is a skilled professional in the healthcare industry who has contributed exceptionally in the business growth throughout India and UAE. He is a talented professional who has expertise across domains like – hospital management, setting-up hospitals, medical centers and clinics too. He has been associated with renowned organizations such as- Rak Hospitals (UAE), Vasan Eye Care Group (India) and Moolchand Medicity (India). Since he has been extensively involved in operations management and strategic business growth throughout his career it makes him the leader who can turn any project into a profitable business.

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